Life isn’t easy. The things we go through aren’t easy. The people we deal with aren’t easy. Our feelings, thoughts, and emotions aren’t easy. Life isn’t easy. Sometimes we go through things that we feel can never be good, never be made into a win, and never become something that we can get over. Things like death, assault, and breakups happen to us and depression, anxiety, and hate begin to surround us. Families, businesses, and marriages fail and brokenness begins to become a pattern.

Often, life seems to be spinning out of control. We are stuck in a free fall of terror and uncertainty.  We desperately scramble for solid ground,  for something to hold onto. Our fingers try to dig into the world around us but they can’t find purchase. The fall continues and there is no way to brace for impact. The ground rushes up, we close our evens and wait for the worst. Sometimes, we are saved. Something happens; something or someone swoops in and saves the day. We are gently deposited back onto solid ground. Problem solved, crisis averted.

But other times, no one comes to save us. We hit the ground hard, the breath knocked out of us, body aching from the impact, tears tracking a clean line through the dirt on our faces. As we stare unseeing into the sky, many things may pass through our minds. Why were we not saved? I’m broken. How will I ever get up? How will I ever recover? I give up. I’m done. If people cared about me, I would have been saved. If there was a God who loved me, this wouldn’t have happened. 

As these things swirl through our heads, we may be taking stock of what got damaged.  Or we may be motionless, too shocked from the fall to move. We may be too afraid to move, scared that we will be hurt worse by moving. We may call out to those around us, begging for help. We may close in on ourselves, withdrawing if anyone comes to help. Some of us may dust off and move on. Others will lie for a while, grab the hand of someone standing nearby, get up off the ground, and pick up the pieces. Some may sit on the ground, surrounded by the shattered picture of what life used to be. Others may simply lie there, waiting to die, or perhaps taking that into their own hands.

All of these are honest reactions to being knocked off our feet. We can’t deny that it happened, not if we want to be healthy. We can’t ignore the pain and brokenness. Healing may be easier for some falls than others. Different people will react in different ways to their brokenness. Some will seem to be unbroken, others will appear shattered for the rest of their lives. No matter how people appear, the scars will remain; some painting a beautiful picture of healing, others show the gnarled mess of scabbed hate and desolation.

Sometimes, we don’t know how to heal. We don’t know how to become whole again. All we know is brokenness and as uncomfortable as that brokenness is, it is familiar. It has become the stats’s quo and we don’t want to move. We have found an ugly, broken shell of a home because we have lost sight of what a home actually is. It’s heartbreaking but true. Sometimes we choose to stay broken because it’s all we know.

But healing is possible. It hurts, it scars, and it is often miserable. We want to quit. We want to give up, to take the easy way out and be broken. But that isn’t a way out. It is a way back into our deep, dark hole. It is a prison not freedom. So push for the healing. Push through the hurt, push through the misery, and keep your eyes on the prize. You may not see the finish line right now. You may not know what you are working toward. Just don’t stay where you are. Don’t become comfortable where you are. Make a move. Take a stand.